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Links to books and other resources.

Even if you “don’t like to read” you will improve a lot faster and more confidently if you do read! These are very entertaining and enjoyable to read (not boring textbooks) and really will help you enhance your game. For you die-hard non-readers, there is now a movie suggestion at the bottom of the page!



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On The Firing Line – Article series for USA Shooting News & additional resources including:

  • Ambercise
  • Rifle & Pistol Natural Point of Aim Process
  • Rifle Front Aperture Selection
  • Shooting Outlines: The Shot, The Shooting Session, Training


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General Books Useful For Target Shooting

A Shot at History - Abhinav Bindra - Cover
My Shot at Gold – My Obsessive Journey To Olympic Gold – Abhinav Bindra
So, you think you want to be Olympic champion? Are you sure about that? Do you know what it really takes? My young friend Abhinav Bindra is one of the best target shooters in the world. World Cup champion at age 18, World champion in 2006, and Olympic champion in 2008. It takes more than time and money to become the best. Abhinav bares his soul and takes us deep inside his thoughts and emotions. Enjoy the ride!

Body Mind Mastery
Body Mind Mastery – Dan Millman
This book will transform your approach. A previous edition (under a different title) transformed my training as a coach years ago. Although target shooting is never mentioned, this book is all about our sport! If you only get one book from this general books list, this is the one. See also the Peaceful Warrior movie below.

Extraordinary Golf
Extraordinary Golf – Fred Shoemaker
Another book that never mentions our sport; yet covers it beautifully. A great complement to Millman’s book. This gets at the essence of training and competing.


Books – Heinz Reinkemeier et al

These books from MEC are, by far, the best treatments of their subjects. Heinz Reinkemeier and his wife Gaby Buhlmann (5 time Olympian) are among a small group of the very best coaches in the world. Their co-authors and contributors are world class coaches and athletes. Each two page spread treats a topic in great detail with extensive illustrations and diagrams.

Although expensive, each of these books is worth twice the price and each warrants careful and thoughtful study. Priceless resources for serious athletes and coaches.

These four books are available in the USA from:
– Larry Sawyer – 10.9 Service – +1.763.767.0492
– Neal Stepp – International Shooters Service – +1.817.595.2090
Also available directly from the publisher, although with exchange and high shipping costs:
– Maik Eckhardt – MEC High Tech Shooting Equipment GmbH – +49.231.426048.0

Sport Psychology and Competition – The Psyche of the Shot
Note the .22 cartridge and the golf ball. This book is all about the psychology of the shot, using target shooting and golf as the examples. The techniques apply to any “shot” (basketball, football field goals, etc.) and to any form of competition or public performance. This book brings back into print many of the topics from “On The Training of Shooters” that Heinz published over twenty years ago and that we felt were missing from his other more recent books. It expands much beyond those original topics and is arguably the best and most comprehensive treatment of applied sports psychology available in our sport..

Ways of the Rifle 2009
This the latest version of the first book that brought a whole new level of coverage to this topic. Years ago, even though I don’t speak German, I bought the original edition before it was translated because it was so comprehensive and well illustrated.

Air Rifle Shooting
Very in depth treatment of the air rifle discipline.

Pistol Shooting – The Olympic Disciplines
A truly great book for pistol shooters. Has the same in-depth treatment of the other books.


Books – Target Shooting

Rifle Steps to Success – Launi Meili
An excellent introduction to 3 position air rifle shooting as a development path to Olympic shooting. Goes well beyond the basics so that intermediate and advanced athletes will find great value, especially with the variety of drills and exercises.



Peaceful Warrior
Peaceful Warrior, based on the book of the same title by Dan Millman (author of Body Mind Mastery, mentioned above, and many other books), presents athletes with a way of approaching their sport that leads to sustainable, enjoyable, and high level performance. Watch the movie, read Body Mind Mastery, or both.



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