2018 – Results – Georgia – State Junior Olympics – Rifle & Pistol


Georgia statewide results are now (Sun 28 Jan 2018) available for download.

Revised (Mon 29 Jan 2018) to remove out of competition guests originally reported in men’s air pistol and revise medalists.

2018 USA Shooting Junior Olympics Georgia State Championship Final Results – Revised

Congratulations to all the participants. It looks like there will be a large group of Georgia athletes invited to the national Junior Olympics! Individual award medals provided by USA Shooting will be distributed soon.

State Champion, Automatic, and First Round At Large national invitations will be emailed and posted about the third week in February by USA Shooting. Be sure to RSVP right away to reserve your place. Second Round At Large invitations usually follow a week or two later.

The National Junior Olympics dates have changed slightly and are now scheduled to take place Fri 06 Apr 2018 through Fri 27 Apr 2018. Specific schedules have not been published by USA Shooting as of this writing. More information about the schedule and invitations will be posted here once available: National Junior Olympics

For information on how the State Champion, Automatic, and At Large national invitations process works, see: Earning Junior Olympics Invitations

For last year’s First Round At Large and Second Round At Large cut scores (which are subject to change each year depending on how everyone scores) to give an idea of what scores are likely to earn invitations, see the 2018 Georgia North location program linked here: North location Match Program & Entry Form


Thank You!

Thank you to all the athletes, coaches, parents, and match staff for participating in the state Junior Olympics program this year.  Have a great year!


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