Results – Georgia – State Junior Olympics – Rifle & Pistol

2014 State Shooting Pin

Georgia statewide results are now (Tue 27 Jan 2015) available for download.

2015 USA Shooting Junior Olympics Georgia State Championship Final Results

Congratulations to all the participants. It looks like there will be a large group of Georgia athletes invited to the national Junior Olympics! Individual award medals provided by USA Shooting will be distributed soon.

Endowment Awards For Teams

New this year, I worked with the Georgia Youth Shooting Sports Foundation and they have generously arranged for team endowment awards and optional round up matching awards. We are most appreciative of the GYSSF support of youth target shooting programs in Georgia.

– Medalist Awards For Teams

The GYSSF will donate and deposit awards totaling $13,500 to MidwayUSA Foundation accounts for benefit of teams as designated by each of the individual medalists in six of the JO events.

Events earning awards are women’s air rifle, smallbore rifle, and air pistol, along with men’s air rifle, smallbore rifle, and air pistol. No awards are available for women’s and men’s sport pistol this year. Awards for those two events may be added in future years if state‐wide participation grows sufficiently.

Award amounts for each of the six events are: gold $1,000, silver $750, and bronze $500.

I will be contacting each medalist with additional information.

– Round Up Matching Opportunities

Each team designated by the medalists will also have the opportunity to earn additional matching funds from GYSSF, if they so choose. These are one‐to‐one matching funds, which could total $22,500, that will be available to teams that chose to raise additional funds prior to September 15, 2015. The minimum amount that must be raised to qualify for this program is $1,000. Maximum amount for matching is: gold $1,000, silver $1,250, and bronze $1,500.

Note that GYSSF may have additional matching opportunities not related to the JO. Teams may participate in both. This JO matching is guaranteed to be available, while other opportunities depend on funds availability.

I will be contacting each designated team’s coach with additional information.

Thank You!

Thank you to all the athletes, coaches, parents, and match staff for participating in the state Junior Olympics program this year.  Have a great year!


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