Making a Dent in the Boundary

PhD Dent

This short article, The Illustrated Guide To A Ph.D., illustrates what I am striving to do as a coach. Namely, to push the boundary:
– of what we believe is possible
– of how we teach this sport
– of how we prepare in order to thrive when it counts

It also illustrates that we must strive for balance and perspective all along the journey.

I love this journey and all the people who share it with me. Thank you.

Feel Center!




JP Birthday - Camp Perry

Today has included many wonderful text and Facebook birthday wishes. Of course, my daughters both reminded me of a birthday ending in zero coming a year from now!

And then on FaceBook, the photo above appeared! What a thoughtful and creative greeting from a couple of shooting athletes who are at Camp Perry right now. Thank you very much!

Remember, as wound up as we sometimes get “trying” (watch out for that word!) to get better as shooting athletes and achieve certain scores, it is far more important to focus on the journey of self-growth and to enjoy the time we get to spend with others in this sport. Sharing moments together is very important. “These are the good old days!”