Welcome to the High Performance Olympic Target Shooting Blog

AP5 Group - 2002 06 - Center


This blog is specifically for athletes and coaches engaged in the sport of Olympic Rifle and Pistol target shooting. However, shotgun participants, and participants in any other sport or performance activity (music, singing, dance, public speaking, etc.) will find that much of the content applies to their activity as well.

The primary emphasis of the blog is on the mental (e.g. self talk, focus, etc.) and emotional (e.g. anger, fear, etc.) aspects of thriving under pressure. These are universal themes applicable to all performance activities.

Posts will be at varying though hopefully somewhat frequent intervals. Time will tell how often and how in-depth.

Please read the About and Author pages of this blog site for further information about the blog and the author. Please also feel free to go to the Contact page to send me your comments, suggestions, and topic ideas.

During November and December of 2013, the blog will be in “start-up” mode with official launch in 2014.

Feel Center!


The target shown above, scoring 50-4x, was fired at the 2002 USA Shooting National Championships hosted by the US Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Benning, GA in the demonstration event of Standard Air Pistol. This is a ten second series, fired at a slightly too rapid tempo with a Steyr LP-5, in only eight seconds – with an audience. No pressure!


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